What are the requirements to be in the Therapy Layer early release program?

Participation in the trial requires a minimum of five therapists and five clients, though more is better! 

What is the cost of being in the Therapy Layer early release program?

There is no cost to be part of the early release program. The service will be available for free including all customer support. Our goal is to have a small number of groups in the early release program so that we can provide a high-level of support and service to ensure your success.

Will Therapy Layer be free forever?

We plan to make a version of Therapy Layer free forever, though the specific features that are included in the free version have not been defined fully. 

Will Therapy Layer offer a paid version?

Yes, once we’ve proven that our service is useful for therapists and provides a benefit to clients we’ll start work on additional features for which we’ll charge a subscription fee.

What is the onboarding process for Therapy Layer?

The onboarding process begins by creating accounts for all the therapists in your group. One therapist will be set up as a “client” so that you can test the service internally before onboarding any clients. 

Assuming your internal testing goes well, we’ll provide you with a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) if you require one to comply with HIPAA. Once that’s complete we can start onboarding your clients. 

Our service includes a series of onboarding messages that clients will receive but we encourage you to share information with your clients before we onboard them into the system. 

What support do we get during the early release period?

We’ve already done extensive testing of our service but, as with all new software, there is a chance that bugs in the service are revealed during use. If and when this happens, we’ll be on hand to support you and resolve the issue quickly. You’ll be able to call or email us at any time and we’ll immediately start working on resolving the issue. 

Can we request features?

Yes! We want to hear from you about what you like, and don’t like, about the service. At this stage your feedback is essential to making the service useful for more therapists. Being in the trial means you’ll have a big impact on what features we develop next.

Why should I be part of the trial and not just wait for a later release?

First and foremost, trial participants will inform the features that get developed … so being part of the trial increases the likelihood that our service will develop in ways that specifically address your group needs—you’ll be getting a service development team for free. In addition, assuming that the service meets your needs, we’ll be doing research with a research partner and you’ll be able to be part of that if you’re interested. In short, you’ll have an opportunity to advance your field and get recognition for it.

How will data be used?

We will use data from Therapy Layer to ensure that the service is operating properly and as expected. In addition to that, aggregated and anonymized data will be used to assess potential therapeutic benefits associated with the service. 

You may use data from Therapy Layer to advance your phone coaching mastery or the mastery of your team.