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Relay app

Meet Relay

Meet Relay

Relay empowers therapists to deliver optimally effective skills training and on-demand skills coaching. 

How it works

Relay is based on communities of coverage and routes requests for coaching to an on-call colleague, or to independent therapists and coaches, so that you can maintain a sustainable work/life balance while improving quality of care. It improves outcomes through interactive client skills guides, and by ensuring that live coaching is adherent and delivered in the window of maximum impact for behavioral change.

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Skills coaching

This report includes
• Key drivers of underutilization
• The most common availability patterns
• The top five coaching challenges
• Top drivers of coaching effectiveness
• The state of HIPAA compliance


More Relay,
Less Delay 

Phone coaching is most effective when delivered while your client is actively trying to cope with an issue. Relay eliminates a false trade off between empowering your client to use skills on their own and getting the benefit of a rapid response. 

Structured sessions,
adherent skills

Relay ensures that clients have tried a skill before requesting coaching. During coaching, Relay guides coaching through assessment, coaching and planning to ensure adherence and effectiveness.

Mobile skills

Measure It, Manage It

Built in impact measures help you and your clients manage and optimize outcomes towards mastery. Clinical directors use measurement to identify scale what works for top performers and improve overall quality of care.

Communities of Coverage 

Contrary to common practice, leading therapy groups have discovered that clients benefit from, and can be oriented to, coaching that is delivered by a range of providers. This benefit stems from unique and objective perspectives that compliments that of the primary therapist.

Communities of Coverage

The skills coaching app that clients AND therapists love to use


Availability calculator & planner

Coordinate your availability to cover a collective coverage window for your clients. Relay provides estimates of how much time each therapist must cover based on their client load. 


Request routing & triage

Smart request routing gives the primary therapist an opportunity to respond to requests before routing to the on-call therapist. The system also allows other available therapists to step in when there is a backlog of active requests.

Secure Messaging 

Relay enables therapists to communicate with each other and with their clients via text message or Facemail in a HIPAA compliant manner. 


Facemail Plus

Seeing a client’s affect while they request on-demand skills coaching is simply more informative than listening to a voicemail or reading a text message. Plus, the Relay chatbot asks additional questions to prepare you for the call while you’re reviewing the client’s facemail request.

Estimated wait times

Relay sets expectations for clients about potential wait times for their therapist or coach. While they wait clients are encouraged to help themselves through self-guided interactive skills training. This helps prevent escalation and in some cases, this obviates the need for therapist engagement.

Scheduled Sessions

Scheduled Sessions

Relay enables therapists to pre-schedule phone coaching calls and to ensure that clients arrive on time. 


Structured Skills & Sessions

Session timers and visual nudges help keep skills coaching focused, effective, and on schedule so that sessions don’t run over or get off track.

Structured skills session

Coaching Analytics

Relay provides a range of insights to help therapists and coaches sharpen their skills, from before/after impact measures to keyword analysis, talk timers, and sentiment analysis. 

Supervision & Session Review

 Bring recordings of your coaching to supervision and consult meetings to garner the feedback that will help you sharpen your skills. And, primary therapists can bring recordings into session to reinforce and shape target behaviors.


What therapists are saying


"Many of my clients under-utilize phone coaching, in part because they don't want to bother me. Simply stated, Phone Coaching is critical to behavior change regardless of the severity of the issue at hand. It's an essential part of DBT that our team is committed to supporting."

- George Herr-Riser, MS LMFT


“Phone coaching is the most effective tool we have to help our clients to transition from understanding conceptually how a skill works to being able to apply it to a real life situation.”

- DBT Therapist