Improve Your Mental Health with Proven Skills Coaching

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Meet Relay

Meet Relay

Relay combines self-guided skills coaching with trained coaches and therapists to help you improve your mental health.

How it works

With Relay you will master skills that are clinically proven to help people cope with, and avoid, mental health issues. When you need live coaching support, Relay alerts your primary therapist. if they are unavailable, it quickly calls on the Relay’s network to get you the immediate and effective coaching you deserve. 


Master Proven Skills

Master proven skills from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) through interactive training and on-demand coaching. Track your progress to mastery with built in assessments.   

Coaching Right Now  

You need coaching when you’re actively dealing with an issue, not when your therapist or coaches happens to be available. Coaching in the moment accelerates mastery regardless of whether its for a small issue or a crisis. Don’t sweat your therapist's availability, or ever feel guilty about asking for support, we’re here to help you focus on mastering the skills that will ultimately help you help yourself. 

Coaching now
Session archive

Recorded Session Review

We record your coaching sessions for your review and practice. If a similar issue arises your most successful sessions are in your back pocket giving you more value for your therapy investment. Professional athletes train by watching videos of themselves to master their skills, why shouldn’t you?

Scheduled Coaching Sessions

Short coaching sessions between therapy sessions can make a big impact. Relay isn’t just for on-demand coaching, you can also arrange coaching sessions in advance with your therapist or coach. 

Schedule coaching
HIPPA Compliant

Confidential and Secure

 At Relay we know that your mental health is a sensitive personal matter so our platform is fully HIPAA compliant. Your telehealth engagements, messages, and content are always kept confidential, private, and secure. 

What therapists are saying


"Many of my clients under-utilize phone coaching, in part because they don't want to bother me. Simply stated, Phone Coaching is critical to behavior change regardless of the severity of the issue at hand. It's an essential part of DBT that our team is committed to supporting."

- George Herr-Riser, MS LMFT


“It is likely that phone coaching is the most effective tool we have to help our clients to transition from understanding conceptually how a skill works to being able to apply it to a real life situation.”

- DBT Therapist