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Relay Free is a voice and SMS based phone coaching request routing service.

How it works

Relay responds to incoming text messages from your clients, gathers information about their phone coaching request, and finds an available therapist to respond.


More Relay,
Less Delay

Relay finds you or one of your colleagues quickly which helps prevent escalation, demonstrates your commitment to client care, and helps reinforce skills generalization. 

of Coverage 

Leading therapy groups have discovered that clients benefit from, and can be oriented to, coaching that is delivered by a range of providers. This shortens wait times while providing unique and objective perspectives that compliment that of the primary therapist.

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Voice First

Relay leverages text messaging to smartly facilitate requests without letting text messaging get out of control. When it comes to coaching, it puts the focus voice so that you can truly hear what’s going on with your client. 


Measure It,
Manage It

Built in impact measures help you and your clients understand which skills work best so that you can optimize their path mastery. 

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HIPPA Compliant

Structured &
Adherent Requests

Relay structures the request process and requires clients to share not only a summary of their current issue, but also information about the skills they’ve tried, and their current level of distress. 

Coaching Notes

Relay works with you and your colleagues to capture a phone coaching note for each session that you provide. Notes can be easily added to your EHR of choice. 

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HIPPA Compliant

Confidential & Secure

Relay uses short names so that therapists can communicate with their clients in a HIPAA compliant manner, without revealing clients’ personally identifiable information (PII), or contraction information.

What therapists are saying


"Many of my clients under-utilize phone coaching, in part because they don't want to bother me. Simply stated, Phone Coaching is critical to behavior change regardless of the severity of the issue at hand. It's an essential part of DBT that our team is committed to supporting."

- George Herr-Riser, MS LMFT


“It is likely that phone coaching is the most effective tool we have to help our clients to transition from understanding conceptually how a skill works to being able to apply it to a real life situation.”

- DBT Therapist